Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stud muffin

Frankie Morello Fall 2012
There's nothing like a few studs to define an outfit or a room. The sweet or classical immediately turns bad-ass, a little rock 'n roll, if you will. Studs bring glamour to the mundane as is the case in the basic black T-shirt and jeans combo or the ripped jeans below. Using nail head trim is perfect for achieving the same effect in home decor. A door adorned with a studded trim adds an extra dimension to what might otherwise be a generic element. If left to my own devises, I might go a bit overboard with nail head trim, because I am so in love with it. The key, though, is to know when to stop. It is, after all, a decorative tool, not a basic.

Jeffrey Bilhuber via Elle Decor

I love that yellow ottoman with the nail head trim. It lifts an otherwise classic, tonal space and gives it that little bit extra.

The ribbon with the nail head trim lends depth and playfulness to a classic vignette.

I love the rain coat above. This, to my mind, is the perfect use of studs to adorn an otherwise safe outfit.


via Elle Decor

Winchester Castle, England