Sunday, June 30, 2013

Style crush: Marissa Webb

Not all too long ago, I discovered Marissa Webb, a Korean-born American fashion designer whose personal style is totally up my alley. Not strange, seeing as she used to head up women's wear and apparel design for J. Crew, working with the amazing Jenna Lyons. Unfortunately, her relatively new eponymous line isn't available here in the lowlands (J. Crew does finally deliver directly to the Netherlands though!) but in the meantime the woman herself is inspiration enough for me. I love how she never looks like she's trying too hard, and the effect is unerringly chic.

With Jenna Lyons and Solange Knowles

A personal favourite of mine: a structured jacket, baggy pants, killer heels and a great bag. The perfect blend of dressy and casual. Awesome!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sartorial lust: Leopard print coat

I have a little sickness. Nothing to worry about, really. It's not such a big deal, although my bank manager might not agree. The thing is, I have a shopping sickness, not unlike a lot of women I know, I suppose. It's something we can actually bond over, this shopping fever, so it's a good thing, isn't it. Or is it? 

Right now I am sitting on my bed scouring the internet for affordable leopard print coats. And the thing that set this whole ugly business in motion is this Max Mara coat below. I was in town the other day, you see, just minding my own business, running errands, you know the drill, when I walked by the Max Mara store and something caught my eye. THE COAT. I literally doubled back. Literally! And against my better judgement I went in and tried the thing on - without even looking at the price tag! Oh sweets, I know you're wondering, what were you thinking not checking the price tag before trying on this piece of utter perfection? I know, right? Stupid, stupid, stupid! Because now, despite knowing this garment is somewhat outside my price range, I want it. Badly. I must own it. And so I'm trying to come up with a million and one ways to justify its purchase. It's an investment piece, it's hot this year, but it's also timeless. If I divide the times I'll wear it by the price it costs, certainly that will add up to a very reasonable amount per day? On average it'll be just as affordable as high street version. And look how fabulous it looks on all the gorgeous women who already own one. It might add to my allure...(I can just imagine my guy rolling his eyeballs at that one!) My kids might get a kick out of it - they're into leopards - and that's just the kind of mother that I am, always thinking of her kids! (Okay, so maybe that is pushing it, but it's all part of the sickness!)

I want to very briefly address this luxurious problem of craving something new in an economic climate that shows little to no sign of improvement. On a very rational level, I can certainly admit that this wanting is frivolous, foolhardy even. There are more important concerns to deal with. I whole heartedly agree. And we do, on a daily basis. Last year was tough, with many health problems for one of my boys, and the stress that it brought on was tough to deal with. So, this frivolity of mine is a luxury that I am actually thankful for. It's wonderful to have these little moments of innocent yearning, free from worries about more pressing matters - even if it is just for a coat! But what a coat! You like?

Max Mara

Fashionistas 2013

via Atlantic Pacific

ca. 1960

Emmanuelle Alt

Miroslava Duma

Olivia Palermo

via Le Catch

Friday, June 28, 2013


Punk is everywhere you look right now, thanks largely to the Metropolitan Museum in NYC, which opened its stupendous 'Punk: Chaos to Couture' exhibition back in May. I've really been enjoying the photographs of the celebrity-studded annual Met Gala, particularly SJP's crazy-awesome headdress by Philip Treacy!

Punk has been influencing fashion designers for ages now. Just look at Hermès iconic studded cuffs, Gaulthier's designs for Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and Philip Treacy's creations, to name just a few examples. But the high priestess of punk chic is still, and has always been, Dame Vivienne Westwood. Back in the seventies, she was the one who designed the costumes for the Sex Pistols. Later in life, she adapted her designs to a more mainstream clientele, but no one can deny that her punk-inspired sensibilities still shine through in even her most recent designs.

Source unknown

Source unknown

Source unknown

Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum

Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum

SJP at the Met Gala

Hermes cuffs
The image below was part of the inaugural exhibition hosted by the 303 Gallery at its new location on 507 W. 24th Street in New York. The exhibition paid homage to photographer Rodney Graham. Love this picture!

Rodney Graham "Old punk on pay phone"

Jean Paul Gaultier

Alice Dellal


Tommy Hilfiger at the Met Gala
Wondering where Tommy Hilfiger got his inspiration for the plaid outfits? Just check out the picture below!

Vivienne Westwood

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hot and Cold, Black and Gold

Source unknown
I am completely in awe of the image above, which I found on Pinterest and can't find the source of. To me, this photograph is sheer perfection: the flawless ebony skin and the stunning gold jewelry make we want to swoon! The combination of the mystery of the dark background, her glowing skin and the warmth of the gold are captivating. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I could look at this image all day and not get bored, sort of like with a Mark Rothko painting, but better. Excuse my saying something quite so sacrilegious, but I cannot tell a lie! So if anyone knows who the photographer is, please clue me in!

Anyway, moving on! The combination black and gold can be a bit risqué, but more often than not it is ridiculously chic. Black is a great neutral - we all know that, otherwise why would the Little Black Dress be our garment of choice - but adding gold to the mix makes the safest outfit stand out. The same applies to interiors. I know what you're thinking: black rooms and gold, isn't' that a bit flashy, a bit player-ish? Possibly, if your idea of glamour is black satin sheets and a bath tub full of Crystal, but that's not what we're talking about here, is it? Black with gold detailing, done in good taste, screams sophisticated style. Just check out the following examples.


This room is so stunning but also looks so surprisingly cozy, with its well-lit bookcases filled with colourful books. I could spend a happy evening in here! Also, love the painting above the mantel.

Okay, so I know I shouldn't be into this car as much as I am. After all, it's so NOT me. Frankly, I find myself laughing at people driving cars with flashy rims. It's just too gangsta-chic! But the aesthetics of the picture are undeniable and I am inexplicably drawn to those rims. Somewhat troubling...

Tom Ford jewelry

How awesome are these doors?? The zebra print, the nailhead I can die a happy woman!

Via Material Girls

Via Tracery Interiors

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Buckling down in Tangier

Creative people come up with the most creative solutions. When accessories designer Bruno Frisoni - known for his work as creative director of chic Parisian footwear label Roger Vivier - purchased a riad in Tangier, he created a light, airy home for himself and his partner Hervé van der Straeten. The effect is soothing, cool (both literally and figuratively) and infinitely chic. The marble, the kelim-inspired wall treatment in the bedroom, the use of antique doors in combination with modern elements all conspire to create a deliciously eclectic environment. Check out the article in Vogue for an in-depth look.

All images of Frisoni's Tangier home from June 2013 issue of Vogue US