Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And the drum beat goes like this...

Here's a little tribal inspiration for all you jewellery lovers. Another sartorial trend that never seems to go out of style and keeps being re-introduced in various incarnations. I don't think you can ever go wrong with tribal accessories - or fashion, for that matter. Remember how chic Iris Apfel looks in hers? 

It really doesn't matter which tribe, which country, which period in history - whether it be colourful beading, rich gold and jewels, or hammered silver and turquoise; there's something for everyone. I have a hard time picking out a favourite piece, but I suppose that's what stacking's for (see the girl in green). Happy scrolling!

The gentleman below blows my mind, he's so cool! It takes a real man to make fuchsia en turquoise jewellery look so...well, virile, I suppose!

Photo by Jeffrey Jay Foxx

How stunningly elegant are these Masai women? So beautiful! And those colours! That there....that's the sound of me swooning!

Masai women

The following images don't so much show tribal jewellery as they do tribal-inspired fashion, which is and will always be a favourite of mine. You like?

Photo by Tommy Ton

Mara Hoffman Fall-Winter 2013

For die-hard ethnic fashion and jewellery fans, head over to the blog Wandering Threads, which is a real feast for the eyes.

Via Wandering Threads