Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sunshine and blue skies

Source unknown
 Us Dutchies have the weather on the brain. Maybe it's because our winters are seemingly endless, our summers are unconvincing at best, or because we still haven't accepted that we are true Northern Europeans and this comes with the territory (I know I haven't!!). The fact of the matter is that we talk about the weather - A LOT! At the grocery store, the school gates, the water cooler at the office, the hockey and soccer fields. You name it, we're there and we're discussing the damned weather. It's up there with politics, sex and religion for lively dinner conversation and our lives are built around it.

It should therefore come as no surprise that any image that captures sunshine and blue skies is especially appealing to me. Turquoise and yellow recall cheerful summery days better than any other colour combination and looking at these images is the equivalent of half an hour of light therapy! I promise!

PS I know the whole Massimo Vitali thing is starting to get a little old, but I still love, love, love his beach prints (like in the image above). Talk about bringing summer into your home.

Source unknown

Viviana Volpicella

Jonathan Adler

Peter Som

Source: Chinoiserie Chic

Source unknown

Scott Snyder