Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Girls and their shoes

Eva Mendez
We all know us girls love us some shoes. How often have you heard the guy in your life asking: "Why do you need so many shoes??" It's gotten so bad, that my guy won't even let me near a shoe store - he literally drags me away! And compared with all those celebrity closets out there, my collection is positively puny and far less organized!
But how do you explain to the opposite sex that those black pumps with the kitten heel really don't go with your new J Brand skinnies and that wedge-heeled sneakers actually are very comfortable and on trend, even though he finds them repellant. And yes, you aim to please and want to be attractive to him, wonderful, always-makes-an-effort-for-you him, but sometimes you do dress for yourself. And - shocker - for other women! And that is probably the reason your closet is overflowing with footwear, and was he paying attention when Mr. Big had that insane walk-in closet built for Carrie, because remember when he was asking you what you wanted more than anything in life? Big hint: it wasn't that canyoning trip in the South of France that he was so keen on!
Boys, we want closets full of shoes like these!

Kelly Wearstler

Khloe Kardashian in Elle Magazine

Mariah Carey

Paris Hilton

Source Unknown

Tamara Mellon

ZsaZsa Bellagiovia

Source Unknown
Manolo Blahnik

Tamara Mellon (again
Kim Cattrall