Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sartorial lust: Leopard print coat

I have a little sickness. Nothing to worry about, really. It's not such a big deal, although my bank manager might not agree. The thing is, I have a shopping sickness, not unlike a lot of women I know, I suppose. It's something we can actually bond over, this shopping fever, so it's a good thing, isn't it. Or is it? 

Right now I am sitting on my bed scouring the internet for affordable leopard print coats. And the thing that set this whole ugly business in motion is this Max Mara coat below. I was in town the other day, you see, just minding my own business, running errands, you know the drill, when I walked by the Max Mara store and something caught my eye. THE COAT. I literally doubled back. Literally! And against my better judgement I went in and tried the thing on - without even looking at the price tag! Oh sweets, I know you're wondering, what were you thinking not checking the price tag before trying on this piece of utter perfection? I know, right? Stupid, stupid, stupid! Because now, despite knowing this garment is somewhat outside my price range, I want it. Badly. I must own it. And so I'm trying to come up with a million and one ways to justify its purchase. It's an investment piece, it's hot this year, but it's also timeless. If I divide the times I'll wear it by the price it costs, certainly that will add up to a very reasonable amount per day? On average it'll be just as affordable as high street version. And look how fabulous it looks on all the gorgeous women who already own one. It might add to my allure...(I can just imagine my guy rolling his eyeballs at that one!) My kids might get a kick out of it - they're into leopards - and that's just the kind of mother that I am, always thinking of her kids! (Okay, so maybe that is pushing it, but it's all part of the sickness!)

I want to very briefly address this luxurious problem of craving something new in an economic climate that shows little to no sign of improvement. On a very rational level, I can certainly admit that this wanting is frivolous, foolhardy even. There are more important concerns to deal with. I whole heartedly agree. And we do, on a daily basis. Last year was tough, with many health problems for one of my boys, and the stress that it brought on was tough to deal with. So, this frivolity of mine is a luxury that I am actually thankful for. It's wonderful to have these little moments of innocent yearning, free from worries about more pressing matters - even if it is just for a coat! But what a coat! You like?

Max Mara

Fashionistas 2013

via Atlantic Pacific

ca. 1960

Emmanuelle Alt

Miroslava Duma

Olivia Palermo

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