Sunday, June 23, 2013

Under the sea: Coral

Anthony Baratta
 I have long had a fascination with anything coral - and by that I don't mean the colour (although that's magnificent too and features largely in my living room) - but the actual living organism in all its decorative glory. Now don't get me wrong, this does not mean that I got my PADI in order to illegally retrieve all that gorgeousness from the bottom of the sea bed! That would be - and is - criminal, and I do believe that living coral should be left alone. However, when I see an antique piece mounted on a stand, it does make may heart go thumpety-thump. Not to mention the coral motif in fabrics and on kills me!

I am certainly not above faux coral - in fact, I applaud the invention and happily use it. No snobbery in that respect, thank you very much! In jewelry too, for that matter. There are some genius pieces out there, like the Kenneth Jay Lane cuff that I had been considering for a while and just found out is out of stock on Net-a-porter - and it was on sale! There you go, you snooze, you lose!

Kenneth Jay Lane

Alex Papchristidis

Feau & Cie. Boiserie

Dodie Rosenkrans

Hutton Wilkinson in Veranda

Jonathon Wright & Company



Singaporean fashion designer Andrew Gn did a gorgeous coral-inspired collection in the Spring-Summer of 2009, which is timeless, elegant and stunning. Please bring it back! Same goes for Valentino, who did one in Spring-Summer 1968. Just bring it all back already!!

Andrew Gn

Andrew Gn