Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nature inspires: Butterfly bounty

In the series 'Nature inspires' it's only right to include our fascination with butterflies, whether in fashion, art or interiors. A few weeks ago I was in Amsterdam's Cornelis Schuytstraat (still the first place I go to when heading to the city, thanks to the great lunch rooms, boutiques and easy access and parking!!), when I passed by florist extraordinaire Menno Kroon and saw a selection of gorgeous flower pots decorated with butterflies. I could still kick myself for not taking pictures and my schedule hasn't allowed for a trip back since, but it got me thinking and scouring the internet for more images.

I really like Dutch artist Lux Buurman's realistic portrayal of Eve's skirt made of fig leaves, adorned with insects, part of the "Paradise" series which she created with her artist husband Ab van Overdam. I especially love the irreverent title! It is certainly less controversial than Damien Hirst's 'Butterfly Windows', which look like giant stained-glass windows. There has been much to-do about Hirst's use of butterflies (living and dead) in his art (installations), but whether we find the idea repugnant or not, the fact is that we as human beings have always wanted to capture the beauty of butterflies, whether literally (think taxidermy) or figuratively. They're fantastically colourful and represent freedom, lightness and youth. 

Lux Buurman, "Eva's miniskirt with jewels"

Damien Hirst in front of one of his Butterfly Windows

I really love the Entomology line of wallpaper, fabric, cashmere plaids and breakfast china by designer duo Snijder & Co. (Dutch artist Jaap Snijder and Brazilian artist Marcelo Gimenes) which is available in The Netherlands through Anke van Goor. If my kids weren't absolutely terrified of insects, I would totally want this wallpaper for my powder room. Actually, maybe I'll get it anyway; it might help with their fears!

Entomology wallpaper and plates by Snijder  & Co.


Source unknown
How amazing is this headdress?! I wonder if the model can actually see anything? Who cares, when you look that good!

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Source: Herm├Ęs

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Alexander McQueen

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Photo by Christopher Sturman

Butterfly Room, Singapore House in Adelaide, Australia