Saturday, June 22, 2013

Inspirational cover

How excited was I to see the cover of the latest issue of Residence magazine (July/August 2013)? It is truly gorgeous and I'm in love with the jungle theme. The cover features Equateur fabric by Hermès and a Chameleon plate from Il Mondo Stijl - so chic!

Not to go overboard or anything, but this really is one of the best issues the magazine has published. Pretty much all the featured designers and artists are lust-worthy and the inspirational pages are a sight to behold.  

I feel incredibly inspired and you just know I'll be doing a jungle-inspired post soon! In the meantime, especially for those of you out there who don't get to read this Dutch magazine, here is a little taste of what Residence has to offer in the inspirational pages of this issue.

Styling by Annelies Morris; photography by Jan Luijk (includes the cover)

Styling by Noor Meyjes; photography by José van Riele.