Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An ongoing construction

Maitê (l) with Maya Neustadter

My great friend Adriana's mother,  the gorgeous Maitê Mac Dowell de Queirós Mattoso, recently opened her first New York exhibition after successfully launching one in Paris. By all accounts, the opening was a great success.

The material she works with - aluminum hydroxide - is sourced from the property that her grandchildren, Bê, Stephano and Giulia Frering, own in their home country of Brazil. "All of my works  are oil on canvas or acrylic on canvas. In this series 'Construction' I used iron oxide and aluminium hydroxide sourced directly from nature," Maitê tells us. For this series, she worked with cylindrical canvases which she treated with the minerals to achieve the rusty effect, and that's why she calls them 'An ongoing construction'.

If you're in the area, the exhibition runs until July 18th at the Banco do Brasil on 11 W. 42nd Street (between 5th and 6th Avenue).

Maitê with a friend