Monday, June 24, 2013

Style crush: Lauren Hutton

There are countless beautiful women out there, but only a handful exudes such strength of character, such fierceness combined with grace and vulnerability, that they knock your socks off. Lauren Hutton is one of those women. The successful model - she graced the cover of American Vogue no less than 27 times - and sometime actress is one of those unpretentious women who looks great no matter what she wears. Although perhaps not technically the greatest beauty (according to an article in Town & Country, her self-described flaws are plentiful - not least of which her trademark gap-toothed grin), but the collective effect of all these 'imperfections' is a canvas of such sparkling beauty that looking at some of her pictures, I can't think of a woman more captivating. Hers is an interesting face, made all the more fascinating by that mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

A look like Hutton's needs little adornment. Her personal style of jeans, T-shirts, pantsuits and casual oxford shirts is a sartorial expression of the woman herself. Confident, laid-back, no muss-no fuss comfort. Looking at Hutton, especially at images of her dating back to the seventies and eighties, it makes you wonder why anyone bothers with the Kardashian over-the-top brand of sexy, when we could all be sporting slinky, silky pant suits paired with gold heels by night or with a pair of white tennis shoes by day and still look hot. Particularly now that she's older, I love how she wears a pantsuit and sneakers to big events (check her out below posing with the Olsen twins - how cool is she?!) You can tell she really doesn't give a hoot what anyone thinks. Not to insult the Olsens - after all, they look great and are the creators of the highly successful brand The Row to boot, so my hat goes off to them - but Hutton just looks like so much more fun!! 

There is one important lesson I have taken from all that I have read about Ms Hutton, and that is to always maintain your sense of adventure and fun. She survived a devastating motorcycle accident, but got back in the proverbial saddle and remains fearless. She marches to the beat of her own drum. This teaches me that confidence in yourself and loving life is a more potent ointment in the fight against time than any priceless jar of La Prairie. So hurray for the timeless, endlessly stylish chic of Lauren Hutton. Enjoy!

With the Olsen sisters

In my humble opinion, Hutton has never looked more beautiful than she does in the picture below. That gorgeous Grecian goddess dress, the lack of jewelry, the shiny hair in a loose, carefree do, the flawless skin and low-key make-up: perfection!

Modelling Tom Ford Spring 2011

Below, Lauren Hutton at age 69. One word: WOW!

Source: Town & Country