Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chartreuse magic

There's something gripping about the colour chartreuse - not quite yellow, not quite green, and quite contrary to popular opinion, terrifically flattering with a tan. It's a very sophisticated hue, perhaps somewhat of an acquired taste, but it's a taste I have recently acquired!

This acqua-chartreuse toile de Jouy wallpaper below is stunning and so cheerful. It makes me want to take a a roll of it to my own bedroom. I also love the combination of the chartreuse curtains against the dark background of the teal (or is it navy blue?) walls in the living room two pictures down. How incredibly elegant is that room. That sunburst mirror and crystal chandelier certainly don't hurt!

Via Decor Pad

I have no idea where the picture below was taken, but the combination of the wisteria, the somewhat Moorish architecture and those amazing chartreuse doors is breathtaking.

Coco Chanel's apartment

Elle MacPherson is a goddess, and I'm not just saying that based on a bunch of pictures. Back when I lived in London, we were members of the same gym and I would sometimes find myself working out at the same time as she did. The woman is perfection: much tinier in person (aren't they always?), flawless skin without a scrap of makeup, super casual and low key. Whenever she was there I would pound the treadmill that little bit harder (like I had a prayer!).  Anyway, she looks great in chartreuse, doesn't she?

Elle MacPherson