Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hot and Cold, Black and Gold

Source unknown
I am completely in awe of the image above, which I found on Pinterest and can't find the source of. To me, this photograph is sheer perfection: the flawless ebony skin and the stunning gold jewelry make we want to swoon! The combination of the mystery of the dark background, her glowing skin and the warmth of the gold are captivating. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I could look at this image all day and not get bored, sort of like with a Mark Rothko painting, but better. Excuse my saying something quite so sacrilegious, but I cannot tell a lie! So if anyone knows who the photographer is, please clue me in!

Anyway, moving on! The combination black and gold can be a bit risqué, but more often than not it is ridiculously chic. Black is a great neutral - we all know that, otherwise why would the Little Black Dress be our garment of choice - but adding gold to the mix makes the safest outfit stand out. The same applies to interiors. I know what you're thinking: black rooms and gold, isn't' that a bit flashy, a bit player-ish? Possibly, if your idea of glamour is black satin sheets and a bath tub full of Crystal, but that's not what we're talking about here, is it? Black with gold detailing, done in good taste, screams sophisticated style. Just check out the following examples.


This room is so stunning but also looks so surprisingly cozy, with its well-lit bookcases filled with colourful books. I could spend a happy evening in here! Also, love the painting above the mantel.

Okay, so I know I shouldn't be into this car as much as I am. After all, it's so NOT me. Frankly, I find myself laughing at people driving cars with flashy rims. It's just too gangsta-chic! But the aesthetics of the picture are undeniable and I am inexplicably drawn to those rims. Somewhat troubling...

Tom Ford jewelry

How awesome are these doors?? The zebra print, the nailhead I can die a happy woman!

Via Material Girls

Via Tracery Interiors