Saturday, June 8, 2013

Daytime drama

The other day I was doing the groceries when I passed by a fashion store I see almost on a daily basis. Somehow, though, I finally paid attention to it and I saw a seriously pretty sequined skirt hanging in the window, which I was immediately drawn to.

To people who know me, the idea of me and sequins probably seems a little incongruous. No one has ever accused me of being flashy, although, like any other healthy woman I love a bit of bling. I just don't like to call too much attention to myself. Having said that, sequins do something to me. They make me want to throw off these Calvinistic Dutch shackles, sheath myself in sparkles, drink cocktails (the only alcohol I can endure is extremely sweet and potent!) and party like it was 1999 again!

Meanwhile, back in the real world, I really love the look of a sequined skirt (mini, midi, maxi - take your pick!) or even pants paired with a denim shirt, casual jacket or a simple cashmere tee. And why reserve it for after dark? The best time to wear this stuff is when the sun is out!  I'm not sure the matrons in our little village would agree, but you know something? I don't care! Bling it on babe!

PS How about a bit of that glittery stuff on a piece of furniture, or even a whole wall, for that matter! That may be a bit much, particularly for me, but I love the idea of it and the fact that, somewhere, someone is preparing breakfast in that sparkly kitchen!

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Kate Spade store in Soho