Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Headboard Heaven

When temperatures plummet, what's more delicious than hiding out in a big, comfortable bed. Make that a big, comfortable, pretty bed. With gorgeous, gazillion count Egyptian cotton sheets, fluffy pillows and a sumptuous duvet. And a kick-ass headboard. Apart from the big comfortable bed part, I own none of these. My sheets are in dire need of replacement, were never any type of high thread count to start off with, the pillows always end up on the floor, thanks to my other half! And the headboard is an eyesore, a sad reminder of when our cat used it as a scratching post. Embarrassing to admit, but there you have it; I've outed myself. My bed is fugly!!

This probably explains my minor headboard fixation. I'm kind of loving the following examples. Particularly the one with the nailhead trim and oatmeal grass cloth fabric.

Decor Pad

Coastal Living