Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pretty hue

Elie Saab

Pink has been popping up on our radar lately. I don't know if that's because it's in stores a lot more, or if it's like thinking you're pregnant and all of a sudden seeing strollers EVERYWHERE! In any case, I am starting to develop a thing for pink. Pink accents already feature in my living room: case in point, my hot pink tie backs from Marrakech (okay, so I did a lot of shopping there). Maybe it's me rebelling against all that male testosterone - sharing a house with three men, all messy, two of them all of 5 years old can be mildly distressing for a girly girl like me - and I feel I need to assert myself that way.

Anyway, I am starting to find myself leaning toward the incredibly subtle - and used in the right way - very beautiful shade of blush. Call it a more flattering version of nude, I am actually starting to considers switching up the colour of my walls from sand to a pretty, barely discernible pink. If anything, I'll look better sitting in a pink room, no?

And if the weather ever gets any better, and a bit of tan is in the cards, I will certainly be hitting up the stores for some pretty pink duds. That, however, is a big if!

Jennifer Lopez


Suzanne Kasler

Zany Gugelman

Good old fashion romance

Love the mix of prints and pinks, so perfect!
Source: Lonny 

Source: Pinkalicious

Photo by Tommy Ton