Thursday, May 30, 2013

Take a seat

Sometimes you love something and are incapable of explaining why. It's usually something that you never really liked to begin with, until you did. And like slowly turned into a mild fixation. And that fixation needed to be shared - on a blog. So goes the story of my love affair with the lounge and dining chairs that American architect and interior designer Warren Platner (1919 - 2006) designed for Knoll.

Platner designed his famous nickel-coated steel wire furniture in 1966 and the line reached iconic status, featuring in countless interior design magazines as well as current interiors. Although they are quite pricy, I can imagine a single chair in a classic interior really adding to the dynamic of the room. It gives the space a certain edge, without forgoing comfort. So what do you think? So ugly it makes your eyes bleed or so beautiful it brings tears to those very eyes?

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Via M2 Architecturra

Betsey Johnson's dining room via Apartment Therapy

Elle Decor