Monday, October 7, 2013

Mix it up: Classic and Contemporary

via Huntley and Co. Interior Design
Lately, I've been finding myself increasingly drawn to a mix of classic and contemporary in home decor. Particularly, antique dining tables paired with modern chairs - or the other way around. Both are equally thrilling. The look is unexpected, quirky, effortless and it just works so damned well! My new hobby has become trolling the internet for cheap, vintage plastic chairs. I figure they will go really well with the aged wooden dining table we have (and might get rid of, but that's another story) or the antique round table my parents have been keeping in storage and that is begging for a new home.

Paris home of L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger in Vogue
 I love this dining room below. The simplicity of the white chairs which echo the white stuccoed walls and ceiling, paired with that glossy wood-inlaid table is sending me into fits. To have a dining room like that...even that chandelier, which isn't usually my style, isn't putting me off.

via Apenthus blog

Monica dalla Polvere

via Coco and Kelley blog
 Another favourite is the tulip table, below, surrounded by a combination of modern and antique chairs. The quiet colour scheme keeps everything grounded and a coherent mix.

via PG Mod
 I love the room below. The high, wood-beamed ceiling, the oatmeal linen blinds, the dramatic chandelier, the modern rendition of a classic work of art and then that table surrounded by those sleek fibre glass chairs and wooden cafe chairs. Awesome!

via Song of Style

I think this is Gigi Mortimer's dining room