Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sweat it out

You can hardly walk into a store these days without running into a rack of statement sweatshirts. From the designer boutique to the market stall, there they are: those ultra comfy, jersey pajama-worthy items that you would never have been caught dead in outside of your house or the gym are now being worn together with pencil skirts and killer heels. Whether it be a big, cheeky shout-out, a colourful print of a wild animal (no points for guessing who) or beading and rhinestones, sweats are BIG right now!

I admit, I own one. A sorry copy of the above mentioned wild animal sweatshirt (I would never pay hundreds of euros for sweats, designer or not. Really, no deal people!) that I thought my kids - who love all manner of tigers, lions and bears ...oh my - would get a kick out of. I have yet to wear it to anything other than the gym or school pick-ups, but I'm starting to develop an appreciation for the trend - particularly because it's just so damned comfortable!! So, if you run into me enveloped in jersey, featuring an in-your-face cartoon adorning my bust - even long after that ship has sailed - my apologies. I'm often late to the trends, but this is one so deliciously wearable, it might become a staple.

via Le Catch

Christopher Kane

J Crew