Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Paris in 48 hours

We just got back from a lightening visit to Paris where we hit up Maison & Objet and I've been reeling from exhaustion ever since we got back on Monday night. I'd never been to Maison & Objet before, though I'd always wanted to visit and the vast size of this trade fair blew me away. I've been to my fair share of trade shows, reporting on trends in fashion being how I used to make my living B.C. (Before Children). These events are always big-scale, so I thought I knew what was ahead, but M&O was just crazy! 
Our favorite hall was definitely Ethnic Chic; plenty of ikats, suzani's, Berber rugs, amazing tapestries, small decorative elements, glamorous lighting, pottery and exotic arts and crafts. The Actuel hall, with its contemporary designers, was a breath of fresh air, light and fresh, with some surprising design elements.
We also met some great people and saw some inspiring brands, including our compatriot, artist Mariska Meijers, whose colourful, graphic designs are bold and fun. After international success with her throw pillows, wall paper, tables, lamp shades and trays, she is now also venturing into accessories (bags, yesss!) and even jackets like the one she is sporting below.

Mariska Meijers
On Sunday night we had a fabulous dinner at La Societé, a very hip restaurant on the Place Saint Germain in the 6th arrondissement and part of the Costes Group. The food was great, the waitresses seriously gorgeous, the clientele sophisticated but un-stuffy, the ambiance perfect. It was a perfect evening, one where you conspire to ditch the drudgery of daily life more often and escape to the glamour and beauty of Paris on a regular basis. I honestly don't know why we don't? It's only two and a half hours by train from Rotterdam to the Gare du Nord! Hop on the metro and it takes you straight to Saint Germain where there is much shopping, cafe-hopping and people watching to be done. You could even do it in a day!! It's definitely in the cards, that much I know for sure!

Interior view of La Societé