Thursday, August 8, 2013

California dreaming

I'm an absolute lover of colour - in fashion and interiors. The crazier the better. Prints too, for that matter, so you can imagine how happy I've been lately! But there's a time and a place for tonality and serenity, as this house on the Californian coast perfectly demonstrates. This beautiful home with stunning views of the Pacific is featured in Elle Decor and absolutely took my breath away. Designed by Bob White of Forest Studio and decorated by M. Elle Design, it is an exercise in harmony between the exterior and interior, and exudes low-key charm and luxury. It's a big dream of mine to own a property overlooking the ocean (or sea). I would be perfectly happy with a small apartment somewhere (I'm nothing if not realistic), and seeing this home, I immediately know how I would want to decorate it. Perfection! For more on the story, look here.