Thursday, August 22, 2013

Prodigal blogger returns

Hi guys! I'm back! Not that I went anywhere physically, but my day job caught up with me. I had a couple of pretty big assignments that took up every minute of my spare time, but they're drawing to a close, well ahead of my deadline, so I'm happy and relieved and itching to get back to blogging. So, my  sincere apologies for the static, and now back to the business of chic and glamorous living.

I have to confess that I have a hard time practicing what I preach. I don't know if you guys remember this, but a while back I was announcing to anyone who was willing to listen that I was going to turn one of our spare rooms into my home office. Now, months later, I'm still working at my desk (read kitchen island) in the kitchen, surrounded by errant pieces of mail, the odd sippy cup and all the other detritus of our rather hectic (and messy) life. And yet I continue to crave that space of my own, where no one else's junk but my own clutters my desk!

So, in order to inspire myself and kick myself in the rear end, I've been ogling a number of rather stunning home offices. My favourite is this gorgeous, rather grand library, which I know is something I won't be gunning for but I love the feel of the room. The soothing colours, the gorgeous blue-and-white lamps ( I own one similar), the gorgeous antique desk and Asian artifacts, and of course, all those lovely books. Yum! This library was designed by Francois-Joseph Graf, who also designed the rest of this apartment in Paris' 7th arrondissement (which happens to be my favourite part of the City of Lights).

Source: Elle Decor
The following are pretty sweet too.

I love the chrome, the large black and white photography and the playful framing of the Hermes bags

Via Hayfield House blog

Alex Papachristidis

Mary McDonald

Tamara Mellon's home office in Elle Decor

Via CJ della Tore