Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fifty shades of beige and tan

I am rediscovering my love of all things beige, camel, tan, cognac, sand, toffee and caramel. Whether in fashion or interiors - heck, even in car interiors - this colour screams glamour and eternal chic. Well, may it doesn't scream, it's more like a gentle whisper, subtle yet impossible to ignore. My old apartment featured a great deal of beige and cream, but that was BC (Before Children). And beige doesn't really go with stacks of blocks in primary colours. Let's face it: a room done up in beige, tan, etc. looks messy the instant something in other shade enters the equation. And right now I'm in my bright, colourful phase, so there's no messing with that. But somewhere down the line I can see myself choosing something more earthy and natural.

In the meantime, this images will have to do. And I love them! Especially the fashion shots. My all time favourite look has got to be the cognac dress with the bold, gold and ivory jewelry. Could it get any more perfect than that?? It's killing me!

Giovanna Battaglia

Perfection - I want her entire oufit - and to look that good in it!!

Jessica Alba

Kelly Wearstler