Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Designer love: Gert Voorjans

I love and adore the work of the Belgian designer and architect Gert Voorjans. He is the genius behind the decor of most of fashion designer Dries van Noten's stores and his own apartment and studio in Antwerp are even more personal, eclectic and colourful.

Voorjans is not afraid to mix different styles and prints, combining the baroque with the contemporary with unapologetic verve. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal that was published back in January, Voorjans admits that his interiors may appear haphazardly thrown together, but they are anything but. "It looks natural, but it's really studied," he explains.

A former employee of Belgian antiques dealer Axel Vervoordt, whom he revered, Voorjans met Dries van Noten through his former boss. The two entered into a very successful partnership, with Voorjans designing the majority of Van Noten's stores. Each store is different, with the designer paying close attention to his surroundings and the architecture of the buildings. The result is always a unique retail space that feels like a home - a great calling card for Voorjans, who also does a a lot of residential work.

To read more about Voorjans, check out the WSJ article here.

I particularly admire his fearlessness, combining a rich antique Flemish tapestry with a modern black and white series of portraits of Jimi Hendrix. This room, in particular, looks extremely lived in and comfortable, yet loses none of its offbeat charm.

I'm crazy about this collection of headdresses. What a great ice-breaker for a party! It's such a perfect vignette. It makes me want to start a collection of my own.

Dries van Noten store at Selfridges in London

Dries van Noten store (Paris, most likely)