Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer white

I love summer whites. A crisp white shirt off-set by lightly tanned skin, a white bathing suit against gleaming conker-brown skin. These things make me happy, even though they make my dermatologist  weep. I don't know why, but white simply doesn't do it for me out of season - although I have been developing a taste, a tiny taste, for winter whites. But the bottom-line is that white in summer calls to my mind images of beauty, health, vibrance and incredible chic. And now that summer has finally arrived here in Holland, I am all about the whites. And not just in fashion; check out the gorgeous interiors further below as well. 

Chanel via Madam for AirFrance

via Sweet Things Blog

This looks like Valentino but I'm not sure - anyone know?

Alessandra Ambrosio

 Ah, to own a Slim Aarons original photo. Even better, to live the life of a Slim Aarons subject! I'm obsessed with his work, love his depiction of the good life. The best antidote to the winter blues!

Slim Aarons

via Apartment 132
 I love the playful mix of styles in the room below. The classic settee and dining chair, juxtaposed with the ultramodern coffee table and rocking chair give the room the flair it might otherwise lack.


via Gold and Gray

via NZ House & Garden