Sunday, July 14, 2013

Designer love: Marcel Wolterinck

Entrance to Wolterinck's World in Laren
If you are ever in the area, and haven't done so yet, take the time to visit Wolterinck's World in Laren. For you non-Dutchies, it might prove a treck, but a very worthwhile one, I assure you. A friend of mine took me there just yesterday and I was bowled over the scope, serenity and beauty of the building, its interiors and, in particular, its exteriors.

For those of you who haven't heard of Laren or the extremely talented Marcel Wolterinck (b. 1960), let me enlighten you. Laren is a very picturesque and rather glamorous village in the heart of Holland. You might liken it to the Hamptons, as it's brimming with gorgeous homes, great boutiques and Holland's glitterati. At the heart of all this abundant greenery lies Wolterinck's flagship store, a testament to his esthetic sensibilities, all towering clean lines, generous spaces, and earthy, organic art and interiors.

Wolterinck is one of only a handful of Dutch designers to have broken the confines of the Dutch market. A master horticulturalist, florist and designer of both interiors, exteriors and gardens, Wolterinck has an international clientele in locations as far-reaching as Russia and Tel Aviv. He first made a name for himself as a florist. Soon, major clients were asking him to do the decorations for large parties and events. With grand-scale commissions, such as the decoration of the Dutch Embassy in Washington in 1994, which had organized an event to commemorate the 400 year anniversary of the tulip (he travelled to the US with no less than 11.000 tulips!), Wolterinck's name was made. He soon found himself working on interior and landscaping commissions for both local and international clients. With a number of impressive tomes to his name, international clients know of his work through these books.

Speaking with Wolterinck (this extremely busy jack of all trades graciously and spontaneously sat down to talk to me yesterday), it is clear that he is driven by passion for his craft. His esthetic is clearly influenced by the confluence of indoor and outdoor living. His interiors - examples of which are perfectly illustrated in separate rooms within his store - are soothing, with an earthy palette, contrasting materials and clean lines, while the art that adorns them is organic and often tactile. 

Wolterinck, who has now added sculpture and painting to his impressive list of credentials, attributes his extensive travels as the source of his inspiration. Japan plays a big roll, as is clearly demonstrated by his serene gardens and carefully edited interiors. Personally, I love his collections of art, accessories and home wares!  If you would like to know and see more of his work and products, check it out here. Enjoy!

View from the entrance of  Wolterinck's World in Laren

Rear garden at Wolterinck's World in Laren
Interior Wolterinck's World

Lounge area at Wolterinck's World
I've included a number of homes Wolterinck has worked on, both in Holland and abroad, below. I absolutely love the home he worked on in Tel Aviv (the first two images). Even though I'm a bit of a classicist at heart, I could be extremely happy in a house like that. In fact, anything with steel framed doors and windows will do it for me! Throw in that pool, and I can die a very happy woman!

I'm making this promise to myself: my next home will contain windows and doors like the ones below!

Below are a few images of Wolterinck's earlier work as a florist and designer of awesome table scapes. What talent!! It also shows his incredible versatility.