Monday, July 1, 2013

Party Pants

Love it or hate it, but the printed pant is here (and has been since last year), it may be queer, but you'd better get used to it! Okay, enough kidding around. This is a trend some do tend to eschew. One friend actually referred to a cute printed number I had picked out as 'ugh, those clown pants?' I don't really care what anyone thinks though. I love what I call my party pants. They're the sartorial equivalent of a delicious cocktail: colourful, punchy, leaving you with a pleasant buzz and a very pleasing reflection in the mirror. The pairs that I own - one with a nice geometric pattern from H&M and the other a fabulous cat motif from Paul & Joe - otherwise known as my purry pants - have only ever garnered the nicest of compliments. Unfortunately, I just realized that I've outed myself as the crazy cat-pant lady who names her pants, so those compliments may be retracted!

How do you like this ongoing trend? Yea or nay?


J. Crew

Olivia Palermo
You can always play it safe with a conventional polka dot number like Poppy below. Just make sure the rest of you is slightly less staid, unless of course you're as cool as Poppy. Then I guess you can do whatever you like!

Poppy Delevingne